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Hell Loop is a platformer tower defense game, unlike any other tower defense game you know. You are not defending anything valuable. You are torturing sinners who are continually marching, one by one in a long streak, trying to evade their punishment. This game is about carefully selecting from your available punishment tools in the form of traps and carefully deciding where to place them. Every trap has its own advantage, every spot is suitable for a different situation. Blood is your resource and you only have a limited amount.

What is the best punishment? Falling into a spike trap popping out suddenly from the ground, the good old ballista with its deadly massive arrow, or a modern Tesla coil delivering instant electric shots to anyone close enough? You have the options, the humans have only one hope: there are many of them. Maybe you will be so distracted setting up the traps that some of them will manage to escape. The halls of hell are large and it is difficult to guard them all. The humans are also fast and your resources are limited. What can you do with just a handful of traps?

The game is fast-paced – but you are the manager of hell and that has its own perks, like the ability to pause time and strategize. You are observing the situation from high above, like the devil himself. Your job is to not let anyone escape, and to punish everyone!

Game features:

  • Tower defense meets platformer.
  • A unique combo with a pinch of good old Lemmings vibe (only the Lemmings were cute, our humans are not).
  • Hand-crafted levels with unique challenges. After all who says that hell is only fire and lava. A sinner can very well be tortured in acid or put to work in mines!
  • Select wisely when given the option, as new traps will not come every level.
  • Be aware of game-changing modifiers.
  • Calculate with your blood, every drop of it is important. Killing human grants you a few extra drops.
  • Don’t forget to upgrade your traps! No one said being the hell manager is easy.

We released Hell Loop on 24th December 2020.


screenshot-2.1920x1080.jpg screenshot-3.1920x1080.jpg screenshot-4.1920x1080.jpg screenshot-5.1920x1080.jpg screenshot-6.1920x1080.jpg screenshot-7.1920x1080.jpg