We are a small indie game dev studio located in the Czech Republic and consisting of a programming couple (and two non-programming, motivation boosting, and time-sucking toddlers).

We have plenty of experience with programming and creating various applications, either web or desktop ones. We are using these skills and our knowledge extensively when it comes to game dev, as games in general are our life-long passion and a hobby. We have been playing around with creating smaller games as side projects to our occupation for a few years now, but only recently we decided to dive in fully and started to work on our first large-scale production-ready game!

Jakub is the main programmer, with his extensive experience and background in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and programming in general. He is ensuring that our games are well written, optimized and well thought out. Zuzana is also a programmer but her passion is mainly taking care of the details which form the soul of the game. She is taking care of the animations, UI, sounds, and lore.