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BITGUN is a top-down shooter with lots of blood and guns. Go on missions and kill hordes of zombies. Guns break quickly, make sure you bring enough ... but not too many because if you die, you'll lose everything. Dodge zombies jumping at you or crawling out of the ground and fight your way towards the zombie boss.

  • Hordes of zombies to kill - regular zombies, slow zombies, ranged zombies, exploding zombies, zombie spiders, zombie bosses, you name it!
  • A LOT of blood everywhere! Are you lost? Just follow your blood trail!
  • Guns to loot, guns to upgrade, guns to repair!
  • Really punishing and challenging gameplay - you lose all your gear when you die.
  • Random stats for weapons and enemies.
  • Jumpy AI.
  • Retro hand drawn pixel-art look with cutscenes and comics.

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