After many months of hard work we bring you our biggest content update yet. While our previous update improved the overall lighting, this update brings much more than that.


Changes in this version:

  • Re-balanced the whole game.
  • Clicking on humans now has zero cooldown but it yields less blood, and the AOE click modifier has been weakend significantly.
  • Traps no longer have a placement limit, but their prices have been adjusted accordingly.
  • Added a new "Sandbox" mode where you can compete against others in a global leaderboard.
  • Added a completely new tutorial and small bits of story.
  • Added a new victory screen after you finish the whole game, suggesting other content such as advanced difficulty settings.
  • Added a new final level that "closes the loop" :)
  • Improved graphics in the menus, trap selection, and fixed and improved many font-related issues.
  • Added more music to the soundtrack.
  • Improved save system and made it more clear when the game is being saved and what happens when the player exits the game.
  • Fixed issues related to alt-tabbing while the game was paused and many small graphical glitches.
  • Added more SFX and improved torch lighting in some areas.

We hope this update will bring more replayability to the game, as well as fix some of the outsanding issues mentioned by our playerbase.

Unfortunately as part of this update we ran into significant technical difficulties on MacOS which we were not able to work around. As a result we decided to remove MacOS from supported platforms on Steam, meaning the game can now only be purchased on Windows and Linux. Existing MacOS users who purchased the game still get to keep it at the state of the last update. The removal simply affects future releases of the game.

We do realize that this isn't the perfect solution for everyone, but we simply don't have the development capacity to support multiple platforms if we want to continue working on new things. It was naive of us to expect to support all three platforms, and we won't make the same mistake in the future. If any of our exisitng MacOS users feel that this change is unfair, we'll be happy to offer them a full refund of the game.

As a closing thought, we want to note that this is not the final update of Hell Loop. Even though we are already working on new projects we do have plans for future updates of Hell Loop.

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