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Hell Loop - Major Content Update Release (v2.0)

After many months of hard work we bring you our biggest content update yet. While our previous update improved the overall lighting, this update brings much more than that. Changes in this version: Re-balanced the whole game. Clicking on humans now has zero cooldown but it yields less blood, and the AOE click modifier has been weakend significantly. Traps no longer have a placement limit, but their prices have been adjusted accordingly.

Hamster Happiness

This weekend happened the Ludum Dare #47 game jam and with that also my first chance to participate. I was really excited and I decided to try to develop a game on my own, as we are normally collaborating on everything here at LogLog.Games, and I wanted to see the difference of working solo. The topic of the jam was “Stuck in the loop”. My first thought was something along the lines of repeating a day.

Unity UI Toolkit First Steps

This article aims at explaining our first steps with the new Unity’s UI Toolkit package, which is currently in preview. It exists alongside the original Unity UI as well as ImGUI, so the user can choose which system works the best for their use case. For a detailed comparison between all three, I recommend reading the official documentation. For us and our first big game, the UI Toolkit was a clear winner!

The website is live!

We finally have a website and a blog, hooray! It took us some time, but we realized that we do not have to write everything ourselves from scratch and thus we called for help the good old uncle Wordpress. If you like our game and our little studio, consider supporting us by sharing the link to your friends. After all, who would not enjoy a game where you can be an all-mighty powerful demon, raging in an office full of ordinary people?