When will the game launch?

We are working really hard to have the game out by early 2021.

Where I can download it?

The game will be distributed via Steam.

What is the target platform?

Windows primarily, but we aim to support Mac and Linux as well. No console or mobile version is planned at the moment.

How much it will cost?

Roughly around $20, but the exact price will be determined later.

Why is it violent?

We want to give the players the feeling of ultimate power, but with great power comes great responsibility.The violence will be balanced with other game mechanics. However the game is definitely not suitable for children.

Is it a single or multi player game?

It is a single player game. Your friends can watch. We promise it will be fun.

How can I help?

Follow us on our social media. Join our Discord. Send a link to this website to your friends and wishlist us on Steam. Thanks!

What is LogLog.games?

Really small indie studio run by a couple, which loves game development and programming.

What does LogLog mean?

We like computer science, data structures, and algorithms, and some of the interesting ones have time complexity O(log(log(N)). An example of such data structure is the van Emde Boas tree.

Why is it named Shadows?

Shadows is just a work-in-progress name, we haven’t settled on anything final yet.